Forms, Tools + Downloads

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Challenge BrochureLearn more about how your organization can get involved in CNOY.
School ChallengeUse the powers of your local school, college or university to improve your community.
Family WaiverAllows a legal guardian or parent to quickly fill out a waiver form for up to 10 participating family members, plus themselves.
Pledge FormCollect pledges manually with this handy sheet. (Or, do it online and save some paper!)
Waiver FormAll walkers and volunteers who have not signed up online or are under 18 must complete a waiver form to participate! (If you're an adult who signed up online, you don't need to print this.)
Image Packs
Photo Pack 2023A bright collection of the finest pictures from CNOY's indefatigable volunteer photographer corps.
Photo Pack 2024A pile of style from miles of smiles, expertly snapped by CNOY's volunteer photographer army.
Shareable CountdownCountdown to CNOY Day with this bright set of shareable images!
Toque Photos 2024Peep the new 2024 toque, all stripetastic and embroidered with a kaleidoscopic CNOY snowflake.
BookmarkPause your story and behold the glory of this jumbo 3" x 8" CNOY bookmark!
Email Letterhead 2024Get dizzy AND busy with the kaleidoscopic CNOY 2024 email letterhead.
Letterhead 2024A fun new 2024 Coldest Night Letterhead, just begging to be filled with your glittering prose.
Logo PackThe legendary Coldest Night logo, in a variety of colors and formats.
PostcardsThese 5.75" x 4.125" postcards are really for mailing! You can print them out on sturdy cardstock and send them to friends, family, mortal enemies, etc.
PosterPrint them on 8.5" x 14" (legal-sized) paper and hang them everywhere!
Powerpoint Slides50 slides included! Mix and match your favourites, brew your own presentation.
Save the Date 2025Remind your friends to keep February 22, 2025 free! Print it up or post it online.
SnowflakesCut out and post these 7" snowflakes up on the wall - you can write in the names of teammates, teams, donors, or sponsors on them.
StencilsPrint at any size you want, cut 'em out, and spray away. (Get permission first!)
Thank You CardThis 4.25" x 5.5" top-folded card is meant to be printed on thick glossy cardstock and filled with your icest words.
Style Guide
Style Guide 2024An approachable guide to CNOY branding, including logo standards, colors, fonts, writing style, and 2024 theme notes.
Tips + Tricks
25 Tips for Recruiting Walkers25 short ideas, tips, and tricks (with pictures!) to help you get people walking with you.
Fundraising Tips8 quick tips to jumpstart your fundraising mojo.
Photo + Video TipsA quick one-pager with tips, help, and instructions for CNOY Volunteer Photographers and Videographers.
Team Captain TipsSome smart, breezy tips to help you be the best captain ever.
CNOY 2024: Thank You!A big, big, BIG thank you to all those that helped make CNOY 2024 happen!
Look Closer - TrailerA series from CNOY featuring stories from people who have experienced, hurt, hunger, and homelessness.
Look Closer 1: Janet"If I didn't have them and this place, I don't know where I would be."
Look Closer 2: Jason"You'd be surprised at the types of scenarios that can throw you out in the cold."
Look Closer 3: Hannah"People just see me as a mom. People don't see me as me."
Look Closer 4: Trevor"There's more to me than drugs. That I know."
Video 2023: Wrap-up!A big, big, BIG thank you to all those that helped make CNOY 2023 happen!
Video Fundraising Tips8 quick tips (with cartoons) to supercharge your fundraising - show it to your team!
Video: B-Roll FootageA fun collection of brisk clips from CNOY Day for editing into your own videos.
Video: Gather for GoodWe text, we facetime, we connect all the time. What’s the point of gathering?
Video: Hometown SpiritLet's hear it for hometown spirit!
Video: There's No Place Like HomeThere’s a thousand reasons to pack a box.
Video: There's Something Special About CNOYA quick 30-second cut of the hometown spirit video.
What's a toque?Some call it beanie, stocking cap, knit cap, snookie, bobble, woolly, tossle, skullcap... but CNOY calls it a "toque."
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